Art Blog

Every day (or at least most days) I hope to post some Art related info here for you.  It might be a project I am working on or a great tip I got on how to make some aspect of creating Art easier.

Valuable Art “Secrets”

When I have good, usable advice for you as an artist, I will put it here.

You will find lists of great websites to visit, “how to” videos to watch, and secrets I have learned in my 40 years of painting, drawing, printmaking and more.

I will be building on this, so keep checking back to see what might be useful for you and your art journey.

Art Services

This includes classes and workshops for Artists who want to learn more, improve on their current art techniques, or try something totally new.

It also includes my personal art services:

Custom Artwork – Paintings to fill your spaces and satisfy your Spirit.

Portraits of People or Pets

Portraits of Homes or Landmarks

My Main Goal

My Main Goal is to share all that I have learned or discovered about creating art that makes me happy, inspired or satisfied. I will be most satisfied when I know others who want to be artists or just enjoy creating for fun have learned something from me, from my posts, or from other artists I have discovered on the Internet or in my travels.

Let me know if I am providing any of that useful information you need to move your art forward.

Acrylic Painting - commissioned as a gift

Next Steps…

Join me on this journey through Art – visit my blog, sign up to follow my blog and get my blog posts in your email.  Take classes or workshops whenever you can to get new perspectives on your creative endeavors.

Try painting small paintings every day to see what you like to do. Watch videos of new techniques, and NEVER, NEVER give up on your desire to create.  We are made to create!!! Oh, yes, and let go of perfection….it has doomed many a would-be artist. Just HAVE FUN!!!