A New Year – A New Beginning

It is already April 2nd of 2018. I am sorry to say that I had really let my blog go for over 6 months now.  I have been busy working on my Art, growing into new patterns and learning new things

.In November I attended a wonderful 3 day Portrait workshop with Peggi Habets, Nationally-known Watercolor Artist and was humbled by the abilities of not only our Instructor but some of the students in the workshop who have been doing portraiture in Watercolor for a while.  I had never painted a Watercolor Portrait, although I had successfully painted Portraits in Oil and Pastel for a number of years.  Why Watercolor seemed so foreign to me for portraiture, I am not sure…..however it could be that I have never felt I was a Watercolor Painter, no matter what subject matter I was painting.

Right after that workshop, I left for Florida for 12 days, then Thanksgiving, Christmas and off to Florida again for 3 months.  While in Florida in January, I was asked to give a Demo on my Watercolor and Alcohol Inks on Yupo Paper. I loved doing it and it was very well received.  I was also quite busy preparing to enter two Art Shows and two Art Fair opportunities with the Art Clubs to which I belong in Florida.

Then, at one of our Art Club Meetings, I saw a demo by Acrylic Painter, Jane Slivka that inspired me to start painting in Acrylics, although I had not really painted seriously in Acrylic since Art School in the mid to late 70’s.

Wow! I am loving painting in Acrylic using a brightly toned canvas as a beginning for each painting.  Once I get several more paintings done, I will put a few of my paintings on my blog.  For now, I will post some pictures of Commissioned Paintings I did for clients in Florida.

I promise to try to do a better job of getting on here on a regular basis and posting about my Art Experiences, my Workshops, and my Art.  Thanks for stopping by, Peg

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