Choose Joy over Perfection

Red Modern – Acrylic Painting

So many artists have been stopped by that need for perfection along their creative path. Imagine how the Impressionist Painters felt when their audiences, at first, rejected their looser painting style because it wasn’t “perfect”.  We have so enjoyed the Impressionist Paintings that survived that period. They survived because the painters discovered the joy of painting soft, loose representations of what they saw, instead of photographic perfection. Check out paintings by Renoir, Monet, Seurat, Degas, Cassatt and the rest. Now, imagine how boring these paintings would be with a less impressionistic style.

When you stop aiming for perfection and start creating for the pure joy of creating, then your artwork will improve and you will find yourself painting in “the flow”. You will not be stressing over every line, every stroke or every color you mix. You will start to see differently and as you paint or draw, you will be guided by your inner creativity and your style over copying of someone else’s work or a photographic image. This is your time to take off as an artist and use what you know, but choose “JOY” and fun over perfection.

Happy Creating!  Peg

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