Finally getting it right!

watercolor – flowers in glass vase

Today, I think I have finally gotten the hang of posting to the blog and fixing any errors I see when I look at it online. Yea!!  Now, for adding meaningful content…..that may take a few days longer as I have so much to say that I hardly know where to begin.  As you follow along with the blog, please let me know what areas of art you would like me to cover. I will let you know if I have any expertise in those areas and then add as much as I can to the posts to help as many people along their “art path” as possible.

Today’s thought::  My first real Art Teacher was a very talented artist who had studied in Florence, Venice and all over Europe as a young man.  He told our class, “You will paint 100 bad paintings before you get a good one”.  I thought that was so deflating. I could not even picture doing 100 paintings so I thought, “I’ll never be good at this”.  Now, looking back over my 40+ years as an Artist, I see that he was right.  Not that my first 100 paintings were bad but that I learned so much from doing each one. I learned far more than I ever learned in any class. Each painting is part of the process along the path of an Artist, and with every one, we improve.

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