Here comes a New Year!

I received an email from G-Suite telling me my site was due to be deleted – Yikes!! I haven’t added anything to my site for many months but I did not plan to quit using it. This website is hosted on GoDaddy and I did not have a G-Suite account, so I set about trying to find out why it would have moved.

Perhaps, if I had paid closer attention, I might know the answer to that question. I had many comments on my previous posts – mostly from Russia! What do they care about my art (and I can’t read Russian, although I studied it in College but that was eons ago and I haven’t kept up).

I am going to post some recent pictures on here and hope that I can find the time to take the WordPress Course I signed up for so I can improve my site.

I sold this watercolor on yupo painting when I was in Florida this year.

I am starting off 2019 doing Two Workshops in Sun City Center Florida – Both are Watercolor on Yupo Paper and I am excited about doing them. One in January and one in February. I am getting some practice in before I leave Pittsburgh so I can try some techniques I have had in my mind for some time. I will post pictures when they are done.

Happy New Year – 2019!!! Hope you find something creative to enhance your days in this coming year!

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