Preparing to Guide My Students

30 minute Oil Painting

I remember the evening I painted this for my Oil Painting Students. They had been laboring over their paintings and taking 2 and 3 weeks of class to finish simple still life paintings.  I told them I would like them to have fun and just “throw down” their impression of a subject. I said, “I can paint a floral still life in Oil in 30 minutes or less (we only had 30 minutes left of class time).  They didn’t believe I could do it, so I took a blank, unprimed piece of Masonite and started this painting. I did finish it in under 30 minutes and signed it in Gold Sharpie. They loved it and still have not forgotten that class which was several years ago.

The moral of this story, simplify your subject and jump right in to paint what is beautiful to you in your subject…..get right to it and cover as much of your canvas or paper as you can. There will be time later to refine your painting. The most important advice is to enjoy the process!

This week I plan to post a list of painting tutorials and videos I have recommended to my students to help guide them through painting on their own.  Once my studio is closed, I want my students to have access to lots of good Art Instruction. Check back to see the list.

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